Specialist in ergonomic seating for the home.

We develop, manufacture and market comfortable relax- and powerlift chairs with a very large variety of adjustment possibilities. We make or adjust the chairs to a person’s taste, a person’s wishes and to his or her personal dimensions. Based on scientific research after ergonomic sitting for the home, our chairs meet all requirements for a healthy sitting position.

People who need or want the best possible sitting solution, feel understood by Fitform.

Fitform is a brandname of the Dutch developer an sitting furniture manufacturer Wellco. Specialized in design, development and manufacturing of high quality wellness products and technical aids related to sitting.

Wellco is active in the furniture branch and the healthcare market in the Netherlands and exports mainly to Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Wellco uses all recent knowledge on the subjects of ergonomics, production techniques and wellbeing. Research of well-known and respected Research Institutes is combined with our one research and knowledge. This is how Wellco succeeds in offering products that meet only the highest standards.

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